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Posted By: Will Fly
18-Dec-08 - 03:59 PM
Thread Name: Acoustic Guitar Pickup
Subject: RE: Acoustic Guitar Pickup
I have a limited edition Martin XC1T which, when I bought it a year ago, was factory-fitted with a Fishman Ellipse internal mic/underbridge piezo system. At several points in the last year, I kept getting a crackle from the piezo - sometimes when I just tapped the bridge area.

Having finally got pissed off with this, I took i into my local guitar emporium last week to be looked at by Graham Wheeler who, many years ago, did setups and similar work for Clapton and Andy Summers. Graham removed the Fishman and pronounced (a) the motherboard to be crap and (b) the under-bridge fitting was inadequate.

Having tried several electro-acoustic guitars in the shop - and wanting an acoustic sound, but loud, I plumped for the Baggs I-Beam.

* It gave me the acoustic quality I require (for playing in our ceilidh band)
* It's loud
* It has a volume control inside the soundhole (just like the Fishman)
* It fits the existing guitar with no drilling

I collect it on Saturday and will gig it on Saturday evening