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Posted By: treewind
24-Dec-08 - 05:19 PM
Thread Name: Whittlesea Strawbear (UK) Festival
Subject: RE: Whittlesea Strawbear (UK) Festival
There are lots of place names in the fens that end in -ey or -ea and the suffix means "island". Before the fens were drained the bits of land that were a few feet higher than the other bits were the only inhabitable places. E.g. See Quanea, Nornea, Thorney, Eastrea, Coveney, Stonea, Ramsey, Yaxley, Gedney, Westry (almost certainly same derivation) Welney, Quy (Cow - ey = cow island I'm told), Tilney, Fulney. [that's enough fenland villages - Ed]