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25-Dec-08 - 11:53 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Rise When the Rooster Crows (Dave Macon)
Subject: Lyr Add: RISE WHEN THE ROOSTER CROWS (Dave Macon)
Uncle Dave Macon Vo 5097

(Spoken) Now, good people, that was a little of "Sweet Golden Daisies." Now I'm a-gonna give you something from the land of hog and hominy, punkin and possum, and where whiskey's made out of corn, and women don't smell like talcum powder. Let's go, Bud.--

1. Dem golden shoes that you hear so much about,
Oh, the gospel tunes are gonna wear them out.
Gonna wear them up yonder for to put on the robes,
When I get on my golden shoes.

CHORUS: I'll rise when the rooster crows,
Gonna rise when the rooster crows,
I'm a-goin' back south where the sun shines hot,
Oh, down where the sugar cane grows.

2. Don't let old Satan try to fool you,
For the gates'll be closed and you can't get through
With my long white robe and my white socks too,
Gonna put on the golden shoes. CHORUS

3. When Gabriel comes for to blow his horn,
Well you needn't pull back for you've got to go on,
Prepare yourself, for the great day,
For you can't take money and buy your way. CHORUS

4. We'd have cider all the fall,
I said I's a-gwine to the ball,
Where the ducks chew tobacco and the goose drinks wine,
The old hen cackles while the rooster keeps the time. CHORUS

5. What you gwine-a do when the women all dead?
Gonna set in the corner with a hung-down head.
Yeah, if I had to marry, then wouldn't marry for riches,
I'd marry a big fat gal that couldn't wear my britches.

The poster of these Dave Macon songs states he puts them down as he hears them. He seems to have a pretty good ear; better than mine, anyhow.

Quite a few Macon lyrics at this site.

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