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Posted By: Amos
27-Dec-08 - 09:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Is this death loke pne pf those "postulate divorces" in the Fizzbum Islands, where they say "I dvorce you" three times, stamp their feet in a bowl of pique, and it becomes official? If so, Shane, you better watch out, because Rapaire has already said it twice...

Mom, I have made it back!! After hiding out in the frozen wastelands of Northern Arizona, just barely below the snow line, where the frozen wind turns your very bones to sorbet and your guts to icemilk even at high noon, I made it back to my faithful Rav$, in whom I am well pleased. We crossed the wild freezing deserts,

Jerome bade us welcome, and we crossed Arcosanti, Corder Junction, Bloody Basin Gulch, Horse Thief, Bumble Bee, Black Canyon and Rock Spring like startled gazelles. We left New River and the towering Table Mesa behind, and crossed Carefree Highway like blazing jackrabbits. Eagle's Nest, Buckeye, Tonpah, and Bouse Wash, Cotton Center and Gila Bend saw us and bad us farewell. Aztec, Dateland, Mohawk, Lugarta, Fortuna, Winterhaven, into Yuma and across the mighty Colorado we ran. Flying on one wing we crossed the white sands to El Centro, up the endless flanks from Coyote Wells, Ocotillo, Boulder Oaks, Boulevard and Manzanita, Mom. Pine Valley and Japatul saw we, flying over the dusted peaks, not stopping for Descanso, Painted Rocks, Viejas and Willows, Alpine, Finn Springs and Johnstown Lake, the Nancy Jane Park orr the overbuilt Granite Hills, finally arriving on the home side of El Cajon, past Cabrillo Heights to home. Home!! Mom, we're HOME!!

The Rav4 has been treated to a hand job in celebration.

We are very happy to have been through all those manied placed, but storied home is the answer to all the road's questions.