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Posted By: Severn
30-Dec-08 - 05:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Happy Birthday Severn!!
Subject: RE: BS: Happy Birthday Severn!!
The Big Six-Oh!

Once a Child Of The Sixties, once again and always a Child Of The Sixties, I guess......

Quick, one of you scholarly types out there! What's Child #60? If I have it here in the Library Of Digress somewhere, I'll play it.....

Thanks for all the greetings and goodwill both given for the coming year and given during a very rough past year, when they were very much apprieciated and always right on time when needed. I'm extremely fortunate and a whole lot better off for the knowing of all of you.

No returns of the day yet. Everything either works or fits.


I can take my Terns as well as anybody, and this year, alas, I've had to deal with many in-Terns as well. But they are always a favorite bird of those of us into nautical music, especially the less gull-able ones, and what with the price of petrel going up and all.....

To everything,
(Tern Tern Tern),
There is a sea song
(Tern, Tern, Tern)
And a time to every porpoise,
And to heavin'....

....of course, now that I've recovered, thankfully, I've not been heavin' anywhere near as much as in the Chemo Sabe days of treatment a few months past.

Thanks again to all so far.....