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Posted By: Geoff the Duck
01-Jan-09 - 04:06 PM
Thread Name: Banjo Tab
Subject: RE: Banjo Tab
The Tim Jumper book mentioned above is excellent as a collection of songs worth singing. It is all in tablature, which with very few exceptions are for clawhammer / frailing style of playing. Pete Seeger's "basic strum" also fits the same pattern of notes on the tab.

I am also a fan of the banjo lessons provided online by Patrick and Pat Costello. They have at different times done podcasts and more recently stuff on youtube. I like their attitude, which is pretty much that if you can play the components which build into tunes, then you can play ANTHING, as opposed to learning a tune note for note, and as a result ending up only able to play that one tune.

Of course, one of the best ways to learn is from a real live person. Tell us in which part of the World you are located, and there may be a banjo playing mudcatter somewhere close. You may also be within travelling distance of events that might be of interest.

Geoff the Duck.

p.s. give us a name to use for you (real or fantastic) and use the same one consisently, so we know it is you we are replying to.
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