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Posted By: Art Thieme
06-Apr-98 - 08:29 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: songs about the Kennedy assassination
"ELEVEN MILES AN HOUR"----(as done by the rock band WAS NOT WAS on their album _What Up Dog_
Title refers to the speed of the motorcade when JFK was shot. This was written with an awareness of the Abe Zapruder film of the assassination. The lyric also mentions Lee Harvey Oswalds possible role as a patsy for other interests: the mob, CIA etc.

Lee Harvey O. never had no chance,
He never caught a break, he never drove a Caddy,
He joined the Marines to learn a skill,
And that he did---he learned how to kill.

Eleven miles an hour--such a deadly speed,
Eleven miles an hour--the town a place of greed,
They pulled their limousine down the street so they grieved,
Came down like a shower at eleven miles an hour.

JFK went down to Dallas,
To cool some heels...
To prove to the people that he was not afraid,
He would wave to the people from a passing motorcade.

Word came to Khruschev, "I'll leave Castro alone,
If you take away those missiles--they're too damn close to home."
The CIA, the Cubans and the underworld bosses,
Decided that was it---they had to cut their losses.

Lee Harvey O. was mode to order,
A writer from the left crossin' the border,
Earl Warren got a version out fast,
America was happy---the patsy had been cast.

Some of the words here I had a hard time makin' out. This was the best I could do.