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Posted By: bald headed step child
05-Jan-09 - 01:53 AM
Thread Name: Banjo Tab
Subject: RE: Banjo Tab
I guess I should clarify what I meant.

I do enjoy playing with fiddle players and there are a few fiddle tunes I enjoy playing, but I really don't care for music where everyone plays the same thing note for note.

When each player takes the basic melody and does something unique to their instrument it adds to the whole.

I admit with scale work and such, it isn't that difficult, but I rarely hear a fiddle player trying to play note for note what the banjo or guitar are doing.

Many of the so called fiddle tunes originally were banjo tunes, or "songs", with words, but with the addition of all the turnarounds and tricks the original melody is all but lost.

Most tab you will find today is from someones version of someone elses version.

It is also teaching and reinforcing another players maybe not so good habits.

I really enjoy when I can find the most basic version of a song, just the melody, maybe chords, and go from there.

With a little scale study and such that also isn't that difficult.

Then you can do like the basic theme of this thread, after a small amount of creep, and make the song your own.

That's how I prefer to do it, but to each his own. Each player has to find what works best for them.