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Posted By: Willie-O
07-Jul-00 - 09:34 AM
Thread Name: Rick's Old Lowden Rocks
Subject: RE: Rick's Old Lowden Rocks
So, I joined the Cult of Lowden mailing list ( and started pestering them with questions...the lowden cultists don't think there's any truth in the Gibson patent infringement story, they maintain that it was a simple matter of supply & demand--moving production to Japan was a way of making a lot more guitars as the name was gaining a reputation, then by the mid-80's it wasn't economically advantageous and they shifted back to Ireland.

The guitar is probably an S-10 according to these Lowdenites.

Played my first open stage jam with it last night, with Keith Glass...had to mike the Lowden which was inadequate with the available equipment. Which leads me to...


what kind of a pickup setup have you used in this here box? (And did you pull it to reinstall in another guitar, or because it wasn't satisfying you?) History and advice please.

Yours, playing as loud as I can,