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Posted By: Sleepy Rosie
07-Jan-09 - 06:16 AM
Thread Name: Songs about Homelessness
Subject: RE: Songs about Homelessness
Thanks for contributions thus far.
LeTenebreux - I also found the Homeless Wassail in Digitrad, but no promised tune.... :-(
Little Robyn - Loved the Elephant & Castle gent, actually a pity that his voice becomes too lost beneath the recording which it is mixed into. IMO

I'll never forget being serenaded for several hours early one morning when in London, by a pair of bums. I was sitting reading some obscure up-your-arse piece of poetry/philosophy, while Vladimir and Estragon stirred from sleep, and into impromptu renditions of Frank Sinatra interspersed with jokes. One of them spotted me laughing to myself, and started to ridicule whatever piece of nonsense it was that I was reading at the time. They came over and tap danced for me and sang for me, and offered me their cider (as they always do). One even went and bought me a cuppa tea... When it was time to leave, one of the gents kissed me on the hand and on the cheek and said: "God bless you, god bless you. You are a true beauty."
It's good to be made to feel like a Queen for the day.

Lots of other responses to this thread which I will come back to.