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Posted By: sian, west wales
08-Jan-09 - 05:59 AM
Thread Name: seeking online translator - Welsh / English
Subject: RE: Tech: On line translation - Welsh / English
I've been away in Canada, but back now.

Re: Gwahoddiad, I did say that it was a translation of the English (American?) hymn "Welcome Voice" which can be googled with good results. Bryn - "Arglwydd Dyma Fi" translates more accurately as "Lord, Here I Am".

I imagine I'm too late for Monmouth Alun's request but:

On this day's morning, a little child, little child,
The stem of Jesse was born, a little child.
The Strength that came from Bosra, the long-ago Lawmaker of Sinai,
the Atonement given (us) on Calvary: a little child.

The living water of Ezecial was received, on Mary's lap, on Mary's lap
And the True Meseiah of Daniel, on Mary's lap.
Eseia's wise (doeth, not 'doedd') child, the promise given to Adam,
The Alpha and Omega, on Mary's lap, on Mary's lap,
In a manger in Bethlehem, Judea, on Mary's lap.

For this, sinner, hurry, just as you are, just as you are,
To seek the sanctuary, just as you are.
For you, the fountain has been opened, wash your blackened wounds
As white as the snows in Salmon, just as you are, just as you are,
For all this, hasten, just as you are.

There are a few typos so, just in case someone thinks of harvesting this for the database ...

Ar gyfer heddiw'r bore, 'n Faban bach, 'n Faban bach:
Y ganwyd gwreiddyn Jesse, 'n Faban bach
Y Cadarn daeth o Bosra, Y Deddfwr gynt ar Seina:
Yr iawn gaed ar Galfaria, 'n Faban bach, 'n Faban bach
Yn sugno bron Mareia, 'n Faban bach.

Caed bywiol ddwfr Eseciel, ar lin Mair. ar lin Mair:
A gwir Feseia Daniel, ar lin Mair.
Caed bachgen doedd Eseia, 'r aweddid roed i Adda.
Yr Alffa a'r Omega, ar lin Mair, ar lin Mair:
Mewn cor yn Methlem Jiwda, ar lin Mair.

Am hyn, bechadur, brysiau fel yr wyt fel yr wyt
I mofyn am y noddfa, fel yr wyt.
I ti'r agorwyd ffynnon, a ylch dy glwyfau duon;
Fel eira gwyn yn Salmon, fel yr wyt, fel yr wyt:
Gan hynny tyrd yn brydion, fel yr wyt.

Plygain carols, of which this is one, I generally find difficult to translate as they're very dense with biblical references. This is a very popular one, and sung on two different tunes generally - one much older than the other but both very singable.