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Thread Name: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
Subject: INDEX- Sam Henry's Songs of the People
Sam Henry's Songs of the People is a quarto volume of over 600 pages.
The posts here are a beginning of an index; the material will be revised for the Irish Song Book Permathread.

Edited by Gale Huntington, revised by Lani Herrmann, Geographical index by John Moulden, 1990, 632pp., Univ. Georgia Press, Athens(GA) and London.
Ballads and songs first published in the "Northern Constitution" between 1923-1939. Tunes (Melodic Index) are indexed by First-phase Accents. Original sources and geographic location are also indexed.
The main index of songs is by first word, with title, alternate titles and first lines. It requires some familiarity with the indexing systems and subject matter. Example:

[... Erin's Shore] (H597) 476
... Erne Shore (H597) 476
[Erne's Shore] (m) (H43) 394
[Foyle, Banks of] (m) (H11) 110
[... Foyle] (m) (H2) 215
...Neagh, The Banks of Sweet (H158) 295

All songs are indexed by subject at the beginning of the volume. This will be the preliminary index posted here. Alternate titles not included.


A1. Come let us all begin: Old choir rhymes
Abbey 2
Dublin/Coleshill 2
Dundee 2
French 2
Mary's 2
Martyrs 3
York 3
Additional verses 3
A1 References 4

A2. Rockin' the cradle is nae work, ava: Lullabies
Heezh Ba 6
Hush Alee 6
Ballyeamon Cradle Song 6
Irish Lullaby for the Christ-Child 7
Lullaby for a Sailor's Child 7
Raven-Locks 7
A2 References 8

I am the Master 10
Green Gravel 10
Ring a Ring o' Roses 10
Water, Water, Wallflowers 11
I'll Tell My Ma 11
Here's a Poor Widow 11
Old Sally Walker 11
Broken Bridges 11
Fair Rosa/The Sleeping Beauty 12
How Many Miles to Babyland? 12
Cricketty Wee 12
A3 References

A4. Once I had a wee hen: Animals, hunting, racing
A Child's Lullaby 17
The Little White Cat 17
My Bonnie Wee Hen 17
The Bonny Brown Hen 18
Neil Flaherty's Drake 18
The Duck from Drummuck 19
The Lost Birdies/The Hobe and the Robin 20
Robin Redbreast's Testament 20
The Goat's Will 21
Matty Broon's Soo 22
The Moneygran Pig Hunt 22
Bellaghy Fair 23
Sport's Lament 23
The Heifer 24
The "Crummy" Cow 25
The Mayogall Asses 26
Seal Song 27
The Crocodile 28
The Fox and His Wife 29
The Hunting Priest 29
Squire Agnew's Hunt 30
The Hare of Kilgrain 31
The Hare's Dream 31
The Clady River Water Bailiffs 32
A Ballad of Master M'Gra[th] 32
Cashel Green (II) 33
Arthur Bond 34
Spanking Maggie from the Ross 35
A4 References 36

A5. By the heat of my brow; Occupations, lifestyle
Waulking Song 39
The Tailor Boy 39
The Cobbler 40
Jim, the Carman Land 40
My Rattlin' Oul' Grey Mare 41
My Irish Jaunting Car 41
The Farmer 41
The Rocks of Bawn 42
The Charity Seed/We Never Died in the Winter Yet 43
The Lint Pullin' 43
The Jolly Thresher 44
As a King Went A-Hunting 44
Shanty Boy 45
The Shepherd Laddie 45
The Thatchers of Glenrea 46
The Dandy Chignon 47
Long Cookstown/Nancy Whiskey 47
The Jug of Punch 48
A Cup o' Tay 48
The Black Pipe 49
The Rakes of Poverty 50
The Oul' Rigadoo 50
Old Rosin the Bow 51
Bryan O'Lynn 52
The State of Arkansaw 53
Denny Byrne, the Piper 53
The Sailor in the Alehouse 54
The Private Still 55
Mick Magee 56
My Grandfather Died 57
The Buttermilk Boy 57
O'Ryan 58
The Jolly Fisherman 59
Songs of Old Ireland 59
The Salutation 60
Fine Broom Besoms! 61
Better Bide a Wee 61
Gaol Song 62
The Bramble 62
The Leaves So Green 63
Dun Ceithern 63
Barossa/Oliver's Advice 64
The Yellow Bittern/An Bunnan Buidhe 64
The Parting Glass 65
A 5 References 65

A6. If you want a bit of fun: Celebrations
Dan Murphy's Convoy 72
The Wedding at Ballyporeen 72
The Ballinderry Marriage 73
Coleraine Regatta 74
The Lammas Fair in Cargan 75
On the Road to Bethlehem 76
A6 References 77

A7. The Irish soldier boy: War
The Shepherd Boy 79
My Parents Reared Me Tenderly 79
The Black Horse 80
Pat Reilly 80
Pat Muldoney 81
You Broken-Hearted Heroes 81
Lovely Sally 82
The Deserter 83
Bonny Woodha' 84
My Son Ted 84
Lovely Jamie 85
The Hungry Army 86
The Plains of Waterloo (I)
The Plains of Waterloo (II)
The Drummer Boy at Waterloo
The Bonny Light Horseman 88
The Irish Soldier Boy 89
The Three Flowers of Chivalry 89
The Heights of Alma 90
Balaclava 91
Old Ireland Far Away 92
A7 References 92

A8. Bound away to the west'rd: Sea
Kishmul's Galley 96
Sailors' Shanties 96
It's Time for Us to Leave Her 96
Tom's Gone to Ilo 96
Santy Anna 96
Paddy Doyle 97
I'm Going Home 97
The Girls of Valparaiso 97
The S[team]s[hip] Leinster Lass 98
The Cruise of the Calabar
The Zared 99
Yellow Meal 100
The Shamrock Shore 101
Patrick O'Neal 102
The Sailor Boy 103
Franklin the Brave 103
The Loss of Seven Clergymen 104
The Portrush Fishing Disaster (I) 105
The Portrush Fishing Disaster (II) 105
The Wreck of the Enterprise 106
The Falcon
The Wreck of the Fanad Boat 107
The Wreck of the Nimrod 108
The Loss of the Royal Charter 109
The Trader 110
The Wreck of the Rebecca 111
The Good Ship Mary Cochrane 111
The Banks of Newfoundland 112
The French Privateer 112
Captain Coulston 113
A8 References 114

A9. A bold undaunted youth: Crime
Botany Bay 119
The Boston Burglar 119
The Wild Colonial Boy 120
Eight Mile Bridge 121
Whiskey in the Jar 122
Waltzing Matilda 122
Heather Jock 123
Jamie Raeburn's Farewell 124
James Magee 125
John Mitchel's Farewell to His Countrymen (a) 125
John Mitchell (b) 126
Hugh Hill, the Ramoan Smuggler 127
The Three Huntsmen/Wilson, Gilmore and Johnson 128
The Crafty Ploughboy 129
Shane Crossagh 130
The Breaking of Omagh Jail 131
The Dreary Gallows 132
Lambkin 133
A9 References 134

A10. Deep and dead water: Death, laments, ghosts
The Bard of Culnady/Charles O'Neill 139
Finvola, the Gem of the Roe 139
Heilan'Jane 140
An Irish Mother's Lament 140
The Cowboy of Loreto 141
John McKeown and Margaret Deans 141
Annie Moore 142
Molly Bawn Lowry 143
A Collier Lad 144
My Lowlands, Away 144
Mary's Dream 144
The Nightingale (I)
Willie Lennox 146
Sloan Wellesley 147
James Kennedy 147
Miss Cochrane 148
Rachel Dear/The Maine Water Side 148
Polly Primrose 149
Holland Is a Fine Place 149
Susan on the Beach 150
A10 References 151

B11. Erin, my country: Praise of home
The Little Thatched Cabin 156
The Old Stone Wall 156
Old Arboe 157
The Hills o' Ballyboley 157
Ballycastle, O! 158
Ballymonan Brae 159
Benbradden Brae 159
The Braes of Carnanbane 160
Carnlough Shore 160
Beautiful Churchill 161
The Girls from [Dt, Wt: of] Coleraine 161
The Maids of Downhill 162
Dungiven Priory Church 162
Faughanvale 163
Bonny Garrydoo 164
Glenariffe 164
Glenelly 165
Lovely Glenshesk (I) 165
Old Inishowen 166
Kearney's Glen 166
The Shores of Sweet Kilhoyle 167
Knocklayde 168
Lochaber Shore 168
Mountsandel 169
Mudion River 169
Oville 170
The Peistie Glen 170
Bonny Portrush 171
The River Roe (I) 171
The River Roe (II) 171
Slieve Gallen Brae 172
Fair Tyrone 173
Among the Green Bushes [Bp, Dp: in Sweet Tyrone] 174
Where Derry Meets Tyrone 174
The Land of the West 175
Old Ireland 175
Erin, My Country 176
The Enchanted Isle 176
The Mac's and the O's 177
The Connaught Man 177
The Rocky Road to Dublin 178
Dungiven Cricket Match 179
March of the Men of Garvagh 180
Ta Ra, Limavady 180
The Knights of Malta 180
The Bright Orange Stars of Coleraine 181
The Boys of Coleraine 182
Neuve Chappelle 182
B11 References 182

(To be continued)