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Thread Name: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People


B12. The emigrant's farewell: Goodbye home
Lovely Armoy 186
Monk McClamont's "Farewell to Articlave" 186
Hannah M'Kay/The Pride of Artikelly 187
Farewell, Ballycastle 188
Carnanbane 188
Carntogher's Braes 189
The Flower of Craiganee 189
The Hills of Tandragee 190
My Girl from Donegal 190
The Flower of Sweet Dunmull 191
The Faughan Side 191
Finn Waterside 192
Gelvin Burn 192
Glenrannel's Plains 193
Farewell to Sweet Glenravel 193
The Glenshesk Waterside 194
Lovely Glenshesk (IIa) 194
In Praise of the Glen 195
The Brow of Sweet Knocklayd 196
Owenreagh's Banks 196
The Point Maid 197
Adieu to the Banks of the Roe 197
Farewell to Slieve Gallen 198
The Hills of Tyrone 199
Bonny, Bonny 199
Knox's Farewell 200
The Emigrant's Farewell 200
The Happy Shamrock Shore 201
The Brown-Haired Lass (a) 201
The Brown-Haired Lass (b) 202
Paddy's Green Countrie 203
The Shamrock Sod No More 203
B12 References 204

B13. The Call of home: Longing for home
Norah McShane 207
The Old Blacksmith's Shop 207
The Little Old Mud Cabin on the Hill 207
The Green Hills of Antrim 208
Cloughwater/The Shamrock Shore 208
The Coleraine Girl 209
Oh, Derry, Derry, Dearie Me 209
The Hills of Donegal 210
Drumglassa Hill 210
The Happy Green Shades of Duneanne 211
Oul' Dunloy 211
Sweet Glenbush 212
Glen O'Lee 212
The Pretty Three-Leaved Shamrock from Glenore 213
Juberlane 213
Sweet Loughgiel 214
Maguire's Brae 214
Where Myola Waters Flow 215
Mullaghdoo 215
Old Maid of Mullaghmore 216
Owenreagh 217
The Banks of the Roe 218
A Shamrock from Tiree 218
The Call of Home 219
Och, Och, Erie, O! 219
There's a Dear Spot in Ireland 220
Riding Herd at Night 220
Charlie Jack's Dream 221
The Irishman 221
B13 References 222

C14. She's a lovely fair: Praise of a girl
Happy 'Tis, Thou Blind, for Thee 225
My Bonny Breeden 225
O, Jeanie Dear 225
Bonny Mary Hay 226
So Like Your Song and You 226
Not the Swan on the Lake 227
Nancy, the Pride of the West 227
The Maid of Erin's Isle 228
Peggy of the Moor 228
Mary M'Veagh 229
The Holly Bough/The Pride of Altibrine 229
The Maid of Burndennet (a) 230
The Maid of Burndennet (b) 231
Kate of Coleraine 231
Kate of Glenkeen 231
The Star of Glenamoyle 232
The Flower of Glenleary 232
The Flower of Gortade 233
A Kintyre Love Song 234
The Manchester Angel 234
Mary Smith, the Maid of Mountain Plain 235
Autumn Dusk/Coimfeasgar Fogmair 235
The Dear-a-Wee Lass 236
The Valley Below 236
The Dark-Haired Girl 237
Braiding Her Glossy Black Hair 237
The Old Dun Cow 238
Gragalmachree 238
The Maid of Altaveedan 239
Jean of Ballinagarvey 239
The Flower of Benbrada 239
The Beauty of the Braid 240
The Maid from the Carn Brae 241
Claudy Green (b) 241
Maggie of Coleraine 242
The Flower of Corby Mill 242
The Flower of Magherally, O! 243
Magilligan 244
The Valleys of Screen 245
Summer Hill 245
The Maid from the County Tyrone 246
Her Bonny Blue E'e 246
Rosaleen Bawn 247
The Blazing Star of Drim (a) 247
The Blazing Star of Drung (b)
Ann o' Drumcroon 248
The Pride of Glenelly 249
Mary, the Pride of Killowen 250
Moorlough Mary 250
C14 References 251

C15. Where's the lass to take my hand? Courtship and dalliance
Nae Bonnie Laddie tae Tak' Me Awa' 255
Maidens of Sixty-Three 255
The Black Chimney Sweeper 256
The Wee Article 257
Roger's Courtship 257
Grandma's Advice 258
The Nonsense o' Men 258
As I Go I Sing 259
The Strands of Magilligan 259
Green Grow the Rashes (a) 260
Green Grow the Rashes (b) 260
The Young Farmer's Offer 261
The Load of Kail Plants 261
An Irish Serenade 262
You're Welcome as the Flowers in May 262
Magherafelt Hiring Fair 263
The Roving Bachelor (a) 263
The Roving Bachelor (b) 264
The Whistling Thief 264
The Feckless Lover 265
The Rie in the Creel 265
I'm Seventeen 'gin Sunday 266
As I Gaed ower a Whinny Knowe 267
The Rambling Suiler 268
A Beggarman Cam' ower the Lea 269
The Galway Shawl 269
Where the Moorcocks Crow 269
The Maid of Seventeen 270
Cloughmills Fair 270
O'er the Moor amang the Heather 271
The Whinny Knowes 272
The Captain with the Whiskers 273
Youghall Harbour 273
The Cup of Gold 273
The Mountain Road 274
The Woods of Mountsandel 275
The Ould Lammas Fair 275
The Star of Moville 276
Mind Your Eye 277
The Basket of Oysters 278
Tumbling Through the Hay 278
C15 References 279

C16. I will watch and pray: Faithful farewells
The Londonderry Air 286
Down in My Sally's Garden 286
Early, Early 287
The Green Banks of Banna 287
A Sweetheart's Appeal to Her Lover/[Dt:] Oh, It's
down Where the Water Runs Muddy 288
My Sailor Boy 288
The Drinaun D[h]un 289
The Boatman/Fear a Bhata 289
A Rathlin Song 290
Bring Back My Barney to Me 290
Linton Lowrie 291
The Sea-Apprentice 291
My True Love's Gone A-Sailing 292
So Dear Is My Charlie to Me 292
The Jolly Roving Tar 293
Alt[i]mover Stream 293
Fare Ye Well, Enniskillen 294
My [Bt: The] Dear Irish Boy 294
The Banks of Sweet Lough Neagh 295
The Banks of the Nile 296
Johnnie and Molly 297
The Bold Privateer 297
The Maid of Dunyshiel 298
The Maid of Carrowclare 298
The Blooming Star of Eglintown 299
Love's Parting/Jamie and Mary 300
Dobbin's Flowery Vale 300
Londonderry Love Song 301
The Maids of Culmore 302
C16 References 302

(To be continued)