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Thread Name: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People


C17. It's I am your Jamie: The returned lover
The Banished Lover 207
Learmount Grove 307
Mary Machree 308
James Reilly 309
Skerry's Blue-Eyed Jane 309
The Banks of the Clyde/One Fine Summer's Morning 310
Mary Doyle/The Wreck of the Lady Sherbrooke 310
Laurel Hill/Kyle's Flowery Braes 311
The Lady of the Lake 312
The Banks of Claudy 313
The Banks of [the] Dee 314
The Mantle So Green 314
Johnny Jarmin/The Rainbow 315
Mary and Willie 315
Lurgan Town 316
The Broken Ring 317
Green Garden 317
The Dark-Eyed Sailor 318
The Love Token 318
The Pride of Glencoe 319
The Banks of the River Ness 319
Jennie of the Moor 320
Bordon's Grove 320
C17 References 321

C18. In man's array: Disguises
The Drummer Maid 326
On Board of a Man-of-War 326
The Drum Major 327
The Female Highwayman 327
The Squire's Bride 328
Lovely Annie (II) 328
The Rich Merchant's Daughter 329
The Sailor on the Sea 330
The True Lover's Departure 331
The Jolly Ploughboy 331
Blythe and Bonny Scotland/[Dt:] India's Burning Sands 332
Canada[,] Hi! Ho! 333
Willie Taylor (a) 334
Willie Taylor (b) 334
C18 References 335

C19. Youth and folly: Love uncertain
The Six Sweethearts 340
I've Two or Three Strings to My Bow (a) 340
I've Two or Three Strings to My Bow (b) 341
One Morning Clear 341
The Maid of Tardree 342
Dark-Eyed Molly 342
Farewell Ballymoney 343
The Sweet Bann Water 343
The Rejected Lover 344
The Banks of Mourne Strand 344
Fair Maid of Glasgow Town 345
The Ploughboy 345
The Blackbird and the Thrush 346
Farewell He 347
The Cuckoo 347
If I Were a Fisher 348
The Star of Benbradden 348
I Am a Wee Laddie, Hard, Hard Is My Fate 349
C19 References 349

C20. She will not condescend: Love unrequited
John MacAnanty's Courtship 354
Paddy Land 354
Claudy Green (a) 355
The Maid of Croaghmore 355
The Bonnie Wee Lass of the Glen 356
As I Walked Out 357
Farewell, Darling 357
Will Ye Pad the Road wi' Me? 358
The Maid of Cragienorn 359
Lurgan Stream (a) 360
Lurgan Stream (b) 360
Castleroe Mill 361
The Banks of Kilrea (II) 361
The True Lovers' Discussion 362
The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe 364
Cahan's Shade Glen 364
Fair Maid of Ballyagan 365
The Grey Mare 365
I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow Tree 366
Te Bonnet sae Blue 367
Tarry Trousers 367
The Factory Girl 368
Campbell's Mill 368
The Maid of Faughan Vale 369
Wester Snow 369
Drummond's Land 370
My Charming Kate O'Neill 370
The Maid of Mourne Shore 371
The Girl from Turfahun 372
The Lass of Mohee 372
The Lakes of Ponchartrain 373
Am I the Doctor? 374
Barbara Allen 375
C20 References 376