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Thread Name: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People


C21. Content in the arms of another: Love unfaithful
The Ripest of Apples 383
The False Lover 383
The Bonny Bushes Bright 383
Willie Angler/The Banks of the Bann 384
Lovely Nancy 385
Under the Shade of a Bonny Green Tree 385
Must I Go Bound (a) 386
Must I Go Bound (b) 386
Phelimy Phil 386
Norah Magee 387
The Broken-Hearted Gardener 387
Gramachree 388
Belfast Mountains 389
My Love John 389
My Flora and I 390
The Flower of Sweet Strabane 390
Bring Me Back the Boy I Love (a) 391
Never Change the Old Love for tjhe New 392
Oh, Johnny, Johnny 392
The Apron of Flowere 393
The Bonny, Bonny Boy 393
The Maid with the Bonny Brown Hair (a) 394
The Maid with the Bonny Brown Hair (b) 394
The Green Bushes 395
Out of the Window 395
My Bonny Brown Jane 396
The Slighted Suitor (a) 396
The Slighted Suitor (b) 397
Twenty-One 397
Polly Perkins of Paddington Green 398
My Darling Blue-Eyed Mary 399
My Bonnie Irish Boy 399
Sween Clonalee 400
An Old Lover's Wedding 400
The Laird's Wedding 401
The Girl I Left Behind 401
C21 References 403

C22. When death was near: Deadly love
The 'Prentice Boy 411
Blooming Caroline of Edinburgh Town 411
Ballindown Braes 412
The King o' Spain's Daughter 413
The Broomfield Hill 414
Lord Ronald 415
Susan Brown 415
Susan Carr 416
Flora, the Lily of the West 416
The Old Oak Tree 417
The Silver[y] Tide 418
The Willow Tree 419
Killeavy's Pride 420
The Pride of Newry Town 421
C22 References 422

C23. Cruel was my father: Despite relatives
The Maid of Ballyhaunis 427
The Banks of[Wt: the] Cloughwater 427
Hibernia's Lovely Jane 428
If I Were a Blackbird 428
The Maid of Aghadowey 429
The Slaney Side 429
The Maid of Sweet Gorteen 430
McClenahan's Jean 430
We Met, 'Twas in a Crowd 431
Johnny Doyle 431
The Lover's Ghost 432
Sweet William 433
Young Edward Bold/The Lowlands Low 434
The Constant Farmer's Son 434
The Bonny Labouring Boy 436
Willy Reilly 436
Young Mary of Accland (a) 437
Young Mary of Accland (b) 438
Erin's Lovely Home 438
Sweet Dunloy 439
Henry Connor of Castledawson 440
Sally Munro 441
John Reilly the Sailor Lad 441
Kellswater 442
The Banks of the Bann 443
Johnnie Hart 443
Love Laughs at Locksmiths 444
The Lady Leroy 445
Eliza/When I Landed in Glasgow 446
The Apprentice Boy/Covent Garden 446
C23 References 447