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Thread Name: Sam Henry's Songs of the People
Subject: RE: Sam Henry's Songs of the People


C24. To Hymen's Car: Successful courtship
Our Wedding Day 454
The Boy That Found a Bride 454
The Swan 455
The Tossing o' the Hay 455
Pining Day and Daily 456
The Pretty Blue Handkerchief (I) 456
The Pretty Blue Handkerchief (II) 456
The Gentle Shepherdess 457
The Bonny Wee Lass 458
Lovely Annie (I) 458
I'm from over the Mountain (a) 459
I'm from over the Mountain (b) 459
The Bann Water Side 460
Beardiville Planting 460
Bess of Ballymoney 461
The Blackwaterside 461
Cashel Green (I) 462
My Charming Coleraine Lass 462
The Star of Donegal 463
Glenarm Bay 464
Greenmount Smiling Ann 464
Gruig Hill 465
Innishowen 465
Kellswaterside 466
The Banks of Kilrea (I) 466
The Largy Line 467
Sweet Londonderry 468
The Lovely Banks of Mourne 468
Wild Slieve Gallon Brae[s] 468
Sandy's Wooing 469
"Thank You, Ma'am," says Dan 469
The Yowe Lamb 470
Petie Cam' ower the Glen 470
The Navvy Boy 471
One Penny Portion 472
The Inniskilling Dragoon 472
The Gallant Soldier 473
Young Edward the Gallant Hussar 473
Green Broom 474
John Hunter (a) 475
John Hunter (b)/[Dt:] The Wheelwright 476
The Journeyman Tailor 476
Lough Erne Shore 476
Belfast Town 477
Jamie and Nancy 478
Molly, Lovely Molly 478
When a Man's in Love 479
The County Tyrone 480
My Father's Servant Boy 481
Jamie, Lovely Jamie 482
You Lovers All 483
Mullinabrone 483
Jamie's on the Stormy Sea 484
Wait till the Ship Comes Home 484
The Garden Gate 485
Henry, the Sailor Boy 485
The Lass of Glenshee 486
The Hielan's o' Scotland 487
The Glove and the Lions 488
Johnny Scott 489
The Keeper of the Game 490
The Rich Ship Owner's Daughter 490
Lord Beichan 491
C24 References 492

C25. Wedlock's soft bondage: Domesticity
The Married Man 501
The Happy Pair 501
The Day We Packed the Hamper for the Coast 501
The Tay 502
The Scolding Wife 503
Upside Down 503
The Single Days of Old 504
The Wealthy Farmer 504
Will the Weaver 505
The Tailor in the Tea [Dt: Sea] Chest 505
I Wish That You Were Dead, Goodman 506
The Auld Man and the Churnstaff 507
The Blin' Auld Man/The Covered Cavalier 508
The Brown-Eyed Gypsies 509
Fair Annie 510
The Ship Carpenter's Wife 511
Whisky Is My Name (a) 512
Whiskey Is My Name (b)/The Blacksmith 512
The Wee Wifukie 513
Johnny, M'Man 514
C25 References 515

End, Songs Index, pp. vii-xvi