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Posted By: Acorn4
13-Jan-09 - 07:19 AM
Thread Name: Les Barker as the next Poet Laureate?
Subject: RE: Les Barker as the next Poet Laureate?
I'm attaching part of an email I got from Clive Lever yesterday.

Clive was the moving force behind the "Guide Cats for the Blind" CD project, which featured a range of Les's poetry on 3 albums.

It's just about getting Les's poems more widely known to the general public.

"I think there's more to the manifesto for this political party than calling for Les to be made poet laureate. Perhaps we can try to make the following happen, by emailing some of these ideas to all those who may be visiting the website to sign up to such a campaign:

* all petitioners who sign up to write individually and without reference to any other petitioner, to BBC Radio 4's Poetry Please, asking for their favourite Les Barker poem to be featured on the programme. Note though that care must be taken as to how this is done, as they are likely to shy away from anything if they think there's an organised campaign, so we need to fool them into thinking that each person who writes has nothing to do with the no references to the petition, no standard letters.
* Pat Tynan has put up Brian Perkins' Shipping forecast on Youtube, and today uploaded Charlotte Green's Voicemail."