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Posted By: Mark Ross
13-Jan-09 - 02:44 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Songs by Bruce 'Utah' Phillips
Subject: Lyr Add: NEW COLORADO STATE SONG (Utah Phillips)
Here they are, with my comments.

Back when I first visited Utah at his then home in Spokane, there was a letter framed, and prominently displayed, from U.S. Rep. Pat Schroeder thanking him for having written this song.

Mark Ross

Bruce "U.Utah" Phillips

I understand that Boeing lost a contract,
They're laying off a thousand engineers,
And they all want to move to Colorado,
And open up a charge account at Sears.

Well you can visit now and then,
Bring your money, bring your friends,
Bring your campers and your Winnebagoes too.
Bring your festivals and dope, and we all sincerely hope,
That you don't forget to leave when you get through.

Oh, you see 'em standing out along the highway,
With their big red packs and long shaggy hair,
And they all want a lift to Colorado,
But I don't care I'll leave them standing there.


We've had a lot of trouble with the Jetset,
Those lazy, no good bastards love to ski,
And they all want to fly to Colorado,
And tear up all our mountain greenery.


So as I travel all around this country,
I've seen many different kinds of bums,
And they all want to move to Colorado,
And make it just like all your Eastern slums.