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Posted By: jimmyt
13-Jan-09 - 08:54 PM
Thread Name: Which is the greatest genre of music?
Subject: RE: Which is the greatest genre of music?
I justr threw this out as a means of opening a dialogue, not to appear really stupid, which, apparently I have. I guess I just wondered how many of you in this forum really appreciate other genres than trad/folk. (I know that will get me in trouble as well) I have always enjoyed music, all music, and have felt in the past that there was a bit of " only folk is worth listening to," mentality here. I have played in a folk group for several years and the other members are getting a bit lazy and not wanting to get together much or book any gigs and frankly the music is getting a bit shopworn when we do play together. I have re-formed my do-wop group and have a couple gigs scheduled, and my other folk group members sort of look down on this type music as beneath them or something. I believe anything done well is worthy, and even though do-wop maybe very shallow lyric wise, the harmonies are right on and in that sense, every bit as difficult as any folk I have performed. Have I made anything clearer, or am I just rambling incoherently?