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Posted By: Suegorgeous
13-Jan-09 - 09:49 PM
Thread Name: Which is the greatest genre of music?
Subject: RE: Which is the greatest genre of music?
No, that's interesting, Jimmy, and explains a lot. But I think you do have the wrong title for the thread, and won't get the discussion you're looking for. How about something like "Why do folkies often look down on other genres?" or "What's wrong with non-folk music?". Then in your first post, put exactly what you've just said above.

Personally I think that in every genre there are people who, for whatever reason, are convinced their genre is the superior one, and usually there's no way to convince them otherwise. Your doowop group sounds great, and is obviously giving you a lot more than your folk group. What if you came clean and told your folk group members what's not working for you any more, and their part in this? maybe it might just stir them into putting more into it again. Maybe some of them are bored too? But sounds like something needs to change.