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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
13-Jan-09 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: Which is the greatest genre of music?
Subject: RE: Which is the greatest genre of music?
Yeah, Jimmy. I love a crazy range of music, much of which is not appealing to many folks in here. As it is everywhere. I participate in a blues community, but feel straight-jacketed only talking about the blues, especially when such a high percentage of the blues they talk about is electric. You're just weird, Jimmy. Like me. I've always been a generalist in my life. Some could say that it's a lack of focus, and maybe it is.

When I was a kid with a nickle to spend, all the penny candy in the case looked good to me. I guess I'm still that little kid. Almost all music sounds good to me... at least some samples of each kind.

I've always loved and played folk music. I've found in recent years that escept for the old stuff, folk CDs don't find their way onto the turntable as much as several other kinds of music. I still love to play it, though.

Maybe this title isn't all bad, after all. I came in here wondering, "What the?" That's not all bad. :-)