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Posted By: Jack Campin
17-Jan-09 - 03:27 PM
Thread Name: Origins/Info: Tail Toddle
Subject: RE: Tail Toddle
A few more words from George Skene's fiddle and bagpipe MS of 1715:

Lasses gar your Tails Todle,
spread your houghs lat in the Dodle,
that will gar your Tails Todle

Incidentally there is a beautiful extended version of the tune in Margaret Sinkler's MS of 1710:

T:Tail Todle
S:Margaret Sinkler MS, Glasgow 1710
G2G2 B2G2|c4   A2F2|G2G2 B2G2 | d4   B2G2| d4   B2G2|c4   A2F2|G2g2 d2 e2|d4 B2G2||
D2D2 B2G2|ABc2 A2F2|G2G2 B2G2 | Bcd2 B2G2| Bcd2 B2G2|ABc2 A2F2|Bcd2 ef g2|d4 B2G2||
B2d2 d2f2|c4   A2F2|B2d2 d2e^f| gfed g2d2|=f2ef gfed|c4   A2F2|GABc d2 g2|d4 B2G2||
D2D2 B2G2|ABcB A2G2|G2G2 B2G2 | Bcdc B2G2| Bcdc B2G2|ABcB A2F2|BcdB e^fge|d4 B2G2||
BAGc dBgd|cdcB AGAF|GABc dBec |^fdge afge|=fgag fgfd|cdcB ABAF|GABc de^fg|d4 B2G2|]

I've never heard anyone play that.