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Posted By: Acorn4
18-Jan-09 - 04:09 AM
Thread Name: Les Barker as the next Poet Laureate?
Subject: RE: Les Barker as the next Poet Laureate?
Clive Lever of "Guidecats" has penned this which he has asked me to post:-

Where is Les?

Everywhere I hear Pam Ayres.

Michael Rosen's poetry,

I keep hearing plenty of.

Where is he?

Not on Radio Four or three.

Won't our national radio

Play Les's poetry?

Pam's been featured on Q I,

Someone tell that Stephen Fry,

Of those cats that guide

He's overdue

For being seen on Two,

Where... where... is Les?

Why they still don't know his shy "'ello"

Is life's great mystery.

McGough is heard on Radio 4,

Ask for rhymes that you adore,

He'll play Spike I'm sure,

Macmillan too,

Andrew Motion for you,

But where ... where... is Les?

(Tune: Where is love? (Lionel Bart)

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