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Posted By: Mountain Dog
08-Apr-98 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Them Toad Suckers (Mason Williams)
Subject: RE: LYR REQ: Them Toad Suckers
Hi, Judy

I remember howling, holding my innards and laughing 'til I cried the night I heard Mason Williams recite "Them Toad Suckers" on the Smothers Brothers Comedy show in the summer of '68!

He introduced it by saying: "I've never actually seen anybody do this, but it struck me as something they'd probably do down South..." (I was living in Houston, Texas at the time, very much against my will, and resentful as only a thirteen year old boy can be about such things. I still thank Mason for that gift of humor and insight that brightened an otherwise miserable year! Then, years later, I came across an Associated Press blurb in the paper that mentioned the upcoming celebration of Yellville, Arkansas' "Annual Toad Suck Parade"! I'm certain it was inspired in some fashion by Messr. Williams' poetic jibe, but I've never been able to garner further details…nor to attend the doubtlessly awesome festivities. Anyone know anything more about this fabled festival?)

Regretfully, I remember only snippets of "Them Toad Suckers" and, like you, hope someone can recall the entire opus. Williams composed a wonderful corpus of "Them Poems" along the lines of "Toad Suckers", including one of my favorites, "Them Moose Goosers", which boasted such deathless lines as: "Look at them moose goosers, ain't they obtuse? Sneakin' through the woods, just a-goosin' them moose. Goosin them huge moose, goosin them tiny, goosin them little moose in they heinie. How 'bout them moose goosers?, Ain't they dumb? Some use a um-barella, some use their thumb…"

If nothing else, I found a Mason Williams Homepage (see URL below) that promises to put up some or all of "Them Poems" in the near future.

Judy, thanks for jogging my memory! I have a feeling today's going to be one in which "Classical Gas" will be chasing snatches of "Them Poems" all through my head…

You'll find lots of info on Mason Williams, past and present, at:

Best regards