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20-Jan-09 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: Morris: A Life With Bells On (film)
Subject: RE: Morris: A Life With Bells On
Another "not quite niche" film was "The Titfield Thunderbolt".
This was, of course, one of the Ealing Comedy set and thus seen as a mainstream film, but I believe that it must have been partly responsible for the public's later reaction to Beeching and British Railways's obliteration of steam from the railway system.
It was obviously a comedy but was not poking fun at the preservation movement because the film largely pre-dated it. It did make railways seem fun and accesible.

Would there be so many preserved railways and steam locos today if this film was not there in the national sub-conscious?

The same sort of effect could apply if we can get this film in general circulation.