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Posted By: WFDU - Ron Olesko
22-Jan-09 - 03:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brits on Titanic die of niceness
Subject: RE: BS: Brits on Titanic die of niceness
Read the details and do a little research about the makeup of the passenger list and survivors - it was more about "class status" rather than country.

If they were truly doing the right thing, there would have been more people on the lifeboats instead of some being less than 1/2 full.

Molly Brown, by the way, was hardly a "Yankee bitch". Being from Missouri, she was probably a Cardinals fan and not a Yankee!! :)   She was also recognized as an activist and a philanthropist - working for woman's rights and established a woman's suffarage movement in Denver. She also was known for working in soup kitchens and assisting miners families in the labor struggles. On top of that, she was involved with historic preservation and also in helping France re-build after WW1. France even awarded her the Legion of Honor.    Yes, she was just another bitchy and pushy American!