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Posted By: GUEST,Andy fae Alloway
23-Jan-09 - 07:23 AM
Thread Name: the blue doo
Subject: RE: the blue doo
Didnt know if you were still looking for this, but here it is to help you celebrate Burns day! Enjoy

The Blue Doo

There was wunst a wee doo,
An' this wee doo was blue,
It had got itsel' right in a mess.
Now it might be that you
Never heard of this doo,
Well ah'll tell ye for you'd never guess.

Well, this wee doo was seeck,
It had banjo'd its beak,
Jist wi' stabbin' a daud of stale breid.
When alang came a boy,
Jist a durrty wee boy,
Who had snotters an' beasts in his heid.

Said the wee boy – Aw jings!
Ah love a' things wi' wings!
An' he gave the wee doo a big cuddle,
Then he mendit its beak,
He jist gave it a tweak,
Then he saftened its breid in a puddle.

Well, the doo gulped the breid,
It wiz hunger – no' greed,
An' it said tae the boy – Thanksalot,
For yir jist a wee pet,
An' ah'll never forget,
End the truth is it nevah forgot!

So youse people take heed,
Ayeways saften doo's breid,
An' never smack boys who have beasts in thir heid,
For ye might smack the boy
Who was good to the doo,
An' the next thing ye'll know is –
The doo might get you!