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Posted By: M.Ted
23-Jan-09 - 07:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brits on Titanic die of niceness
Subject: RE: BS: Brits on Titanic die of niceness
You can go on forever as long as I am concerned, Heric, I love this kind of discussion--I do agree completely, though, he doesn't adjust for risk factors--

As far as the adjusting goes, the Ryersons mentioned above were Americans, and, notwithstanding the fact that the Patriach, Mr.Arthur, behaved as a gentleman, and, in our parlance, succumbed to his own "niceness", the Ryersons had a survival rate of 85%, which would add into the "American" statistic, the men traveling without family in 2nd class who behaved exactly the same way had nothing to offset their sacrifice in the statistics-so the American survival percentages were related the distribution of women and children in the first class,where 212 people, were Americans, only 40 were British--the survival rate among women in Ist class was 95%

Also, the ship being registered at Liverpool, would probably have had a crew that consisted mostly of British subjects--the crew comprised 40% of the people on board, and their survival rate, notwithstanding that our "expert" felt that crew had a better chance of surviving, was lower than any of the three classes--so that would affect the percentages, as well.