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Posted By: Jim Carroll
24-Jan-09 - 04:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Prince Harry - What a star!
Subject: RE: BS: Prince Harry - What a star!
The suggestion that he was just one of the lads sharing a bit of banter with his mates is mealy-mouthed bullshit - he is a serving officer in his gran's armed forces and stands in line for the throne - doesn't mean much to me, but it does to some.
One of the terms he used 'Towelhead' came to prominence during the Iraq war and facilitated the atrocities at Abu Graib and Guantanamo, where prisoners are held illegally and have been tortured and humiliated on a regular basis, and almost certainly still are.
Shannon Airport is an hours drive from here; there are regular stop-overs of US planes shipping illegally held prisoners on their way to countries where torture and humiliation can continue uninterrupted until the new president calls a halt - maybe!
It doesn't matter too much as those heading for a taste of western civilisation and hospitality are only 'Towelheads and Pakis'.
"Since your debating ability is so weak"
May be a game of 'I can debate better than you', Don - not for them.
I've seen, and am still seeing the results of racism and the language that facilitates it through our contacts with the Travellets - whoops 'knackers'.
Jim Carroll
PS Isn't it interesting how some people tip-toe around the questions of the uniform and the family history?