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Posted By: gnu
24-Jan-09 - 03:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: NFB on-line, another try.. john f weldon
Subject: RE: BS: NFB on-line, another try.. john f weldon
Minds me of that Limey I saw on TV a week or so ago. The SAS guy that drops into the wildeness and survives with just a few meager tools, a camera crew, some medics and a helicoptor.

He dropped into the sub-boreal forest in Siberia. Looked liked places I have been in central New Brunswick or Newfoundland or Labrador...

I WISH I had it on tape. When he talked about the "viscious" squirrels, I near shit myself laughing. And, when he was hacking the fur off the frozen squirrel with his knife and complaining about not beind able to just skin it, while sitting next to a roaring fire, a thought came to me.... how the fuck can anybody that stupid survive in the wilderness? Oh, yeah, camera crew and such.

Hacking at a frozen squirrel beside a fire!! And, then, saying how delicious it was? They musta brought one with them... one of the ones that taste good, wherever from I wouldn't know. I'd rather eat a camera.... more meat on one, too!