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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
25-Jan-09 - 06:19 AM
Thread Name: Hostile baby rocking songs
Subject: RE: Hostile baby rocking songs
Hi Azizi –

If you click on the blue banjo-&-catfish logo at the top of the screen, then scroll about halfway down the page, you'll see four links which lead to different Amazon outlets (USA, Britain, France & Canada). Whenever you're visiting Amazon, if you access it through those links Mudcat will get a cut of the profits from anything you buy. I also think the traffic-volume from just using them could be beneficial too, so perhaps even merely clicking those links may help in some way, whether a purchase is made or not. (I'm not sure about that last point: can anyone enlighten me?)

Anyway, you want to check out both the site and also the British one, (the first two on that page, amazon.mudcat and amazonUK.mudcat). because the Warner book was originally published in England. (Marina Warner is – or at least was – a Visiting Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge.)

You'll probably also want to take a look at another book of hers, From The Beast To The Blonde: On Fairy Tales And Their Tellers which is just as good. The "Briggs" award is the Katharine Briggs Folklore Award, which I know little about, but I expect it's google-able. (If you want to look at only British web pages, you should be able to do this by going to and then asking it to narrow the search to the UK; ditto Ireland if you type – but I'm not sure if one can do that from there – worth a try, though.)

When you get to each of the two Amazon sites, narrow the search to Books and then do two separate ones: "Warner Bogeyman" and "Warner Beast Blonde" (if you leave the Blonde out, you'll get Warner Bros films!) which takes you to these titles. Try this with the UK one too, using the same search terms. Or, you can just search "Marina Warner" if you want to look at her other work too. She did a wonderful book on the imagery and lore concerning the Virgin Mary ("Alone Of All Her Sex") which is superb too.

Whew! No, I'm not getting an agent's commission . . .