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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
25-Jan-09 - 09:54 AM
Thread Name: Auto-Starting Your Music, on Myspace
Subject: RE: Auto-Starting Your Music, on Myspace

No wonder so many musicians struggle to get their music heard, with the kind of attitudes above. I truly cannot believe some of the things I'm reading here.

I so very often just click on musician's pages, Bruce's included, PURELY to hear the music, have it playing for a short while, whilst I'm getting ready in the mornings, or if I'm telling a friend about certain music I've found...we'll listen to a few tracks here, a few there. And it's a great way to hear new songs, tracks, that have been put up.

Why don't you all (with the exception of Dave, 'Acorn') seem to be able to enjoy the music, instead of getting enraged? It's beyond me, utterly beyond me.

I've got Reg Meuross's myspace playing at the moment.. :0)

You know, you can always turn the music off, by the way.

Hey ho...