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Posted By: GUEST,Bob Ryszkiewicz
26-Jan-09 - 10:44 AM
Thread Name: Auto-Starting Your Music, on Myspace
Subject: RE: Auto-Starting Your Music, on Myspace
bfdk: Thanks for stopping by. The problem might be with your machine or connection as it opens immediately through my machine & set-up(Mac & HiSpeed Internet). Anyways, with 256, 121, 224+ people to deal with, the best option FOR ME is autoplay. You do get people who prefer to have the player turned off, but you still have that PAUSE button.

Ya can't please everybody....Here I'm going to talk about ME personally...When I go clicking around on MySpace, I give less than 5 seconds of my time to "pass judgement" if you will...
Some people have beautiful pages, but can't play, or sing...I pass. Or, I'll say to myself, "Folkie" been playing 6-7 years, has a ways to go, but I'll add them. Mudcatters I usually add, with the exception of a few, as I would like to "payback" Folk Music by helping to promote it in my own humble way. I've got Rap & Hip-Hop guys on there to. I promote them, they help me by getting my music to new ears.

I also thought it would be cool to help women who have Vintage Clothing Shops on MySpace. They get seen by potential new customers, and I get my stuff to new audiences who aren't particularly interesed in music, but rather in clothes, hoping they might say, "Hey, who's this guy?" And, they check me out. This has caused other Vintage Clothing Shops to Friend req me, I say SURE...And, everybody wins...

Got Supermodels & Agencies on there too, but I think if you take the time to cruise my site, you'll find that there's a method in the madness there. 1000's of contacts you would just NOT believe...

So for me, in MY----Space the AUTOPLAY will stay. It just works. That feature has gotten me to the point of MySpace being on Autopilot if you will. Every few hours, a new Friend req comes in, sometimes from the most UNUSUAL people. This is what happens as the geometric factor of being in front of millions of people kicks in.

For those Mudcatters who are interested in promoting their music, I suggest that you use autoplay. The Internet moves in nanoseconds, and you might get less than 5 seconds to reach those who are clicking arround.

Don't worry about the naysayers or haterz as you will encounter many. But, for me, MySpace has restored my faith in humanity, as SO MANY GOOD PEOPLE came through. Far outnumbering the jerks.

Doing a CD? Fine. Just make sure you don't spend your money producing an expensive paperweight. Try Digital Distribution. Like this...
Best of Luck with YOUR music...