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Posted By: GUEST,Jonny Sunshine
30-Jan-09 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: Alcohol - PC correct songs
Subject: RE: Alcohol - PC correct songs
I take all these stories with a big pinch of salt. Someone's written some new words for an old song. Big deal, it happens all the time. Kids do it, nurseries and playgroups throughout the land sing countless variations of well-known songs. One of the few examples of a genuinely popular living tradition in our society, I'd say.

The article in question sounds more like a piece of opportunism from the "Campaign For Real Education" whose agenda no doubt appeals to the kind of papers that thrive on headlines such as "Hospital Bans Hot Cross Buns Because They Offend Muslims", "Loony Council Bans Christmas" and "School Bans The Word 'School'"

I totally agree by the way, that there's nothing PC about pirates.