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Posted By: wysiwyg
01-Feb-09 - 12:26 PM
Thread Name: House Concerts
Subject: RE: House Concerts
It needs to be agreed how PR will happen-- host or artist or both-- and how to handle what may happen if PR is done well-- too many planning to attend, for the space. Also plan to harvest new names for mailing lists, and plan CD sales. What will be the policy on photo flashes during performance? OK or not-OK to digitally record? Etc.... think about it from the audience perspective too. Encourage attendees to bring snacks to share, etc., and child-space going to be available for any present who do not listen well?

People's sense of "place" can be strong-- you want attendees to have a totally good experience, and to associate pleasant (hopefully) site memories with great performance memories. Performer wants peeps to come to future house concerts (trusting their site choices). Site hosts may be trying to build a series for the future, around that performer as their first or next in a series. Plan together how both can build for the future. (Don't do it based on assumptions not discussed.)

Have fun!