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Posted By: romany man
01-Feb-09 - 01:42 PM
Thread Name: Sng/Ssn Lower Stoke Kent UK Sun 22 Feb
Subject: RE: Sng/Ssn Lower Stoke Kent UK Sun 22 Feb
I can get hold of a set of ex status quo amps about 25000 watt i think , just dont let anyone see em, or the lorry we will need to transport them, now i just happen to know a bloke who has a lorry that might just hold them all, nudge nudge,
how can war be civil, or is it just polite war, like excuse me do you mind if i stick this bloody great pike up your jacksie or some other orifice more to your liking, oh im so sorry the cannon blew your head off should i contact some one for you or perhaps send your bits somewhere,