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Posted By: GUEST,Pete the Hat
02-Feb-09 - 07:20 AM
Thread Name: Sng/Ssn Lower Stoke Kent UK Sun 22 Feb
Subject: RE: Sng/Ssn Lower Stoke Kent UK Sun 22 Feb
What is it about this country that if we get a flake of bloody snow the whole system fails, Schools close. There are no buses no trains, there,s thousands of kids on the streets throwing snowballs at anything and everything that moves., My Cat for instance,

My upstairs neighbour throws boiling water down to the pathway to melt the snow so now the pathway is a mirror of Black ice and has slippery has hell. The Russians can keep there bloody snow.

Still getting back to the thread.

I will work on that song

Way up North,North to Alaska, ? ( Cant remember the proper title.

Fisheye is it you who is gonna cav -aulting across the roof top drapped in cables.

Re outside thats good. Otford was great outside.
,Outside P,A, Hmmmm.

I have a huge Dr Rythum drum Machine Shall I bring that,

I aslo have a John Coughlan drum stick thrown out into the crowd at a Quo concert In Munich Germany 1976. Nearly took me eye out. It like a bloody Snooker que.