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Posted By: Louie Roy
04-Feb-09 - 08:25 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: searching for Archibald Arsehole
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: searching for Archibald Arsehole
This is the way I learned it over 60 years ago
A boy went to school and the teacher asked him what his name was and he said my name is
Archibald asshole broke and the teacher said how do you spell it and Archibald said I don't know.The teacher told Archibald that there is a new alphabet we use now and there is a special way that you have to spell your name. She hollered at Willee Jones to get up and show Archibald how to spell his name so Willee got up and said my name is Willee Jones
Will there is the Will
Lee theres is the Lee the Willee
Jones Theres the Jones The Lee Jones The Willee Jones and that's my name
The teacher then asked Archibald if he understood and he said absolutely
My name is Archibald Ass Hole Broke
Arch theres the Arch
I theres the I the Arch I
Bald theres the bald
Theres the I bald theres the Archibald bald
Ass theres the ass
Theres the bald ass the I bald ass the Archibald ass Hole there hole the Ass hole the bald ass hole the I bald ass hole the Archibald ass hole
Broke theres the broke the hole broke the ass hole broke the bald ass hole broke The I bald ass hole broke The Archibald ass hole broke and that's my name

To start each one you must spell it such as
and of course you should learn so you can say it very fast (ENJOY)