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Posted By: Art Thieme
11-Jul-00 - 01:40 PM
Thread Name: Chris Bouchillon - Talking Blues
Subject: RE: Chris Bouchillon - Talking Blues
I used to do both "THE ORIGINAL TALKIN' BLUES" as well as "HANNAH". They were side A and B of the same 78 rpm record. (Columbia 15120D) Sadly it broke at least 30 years ago during a move either from Chicago to Oregon or back again. I got much mileage out of both songs. Especially "HANNAH"...

(C)I'm still at the door, chilled to the core,
Hannah darlin', maybe you take-a-me back once more,
(D7)I'm out in the snow and shivering so,
My bones are rattlin' with the breezes that (G7)blow,
Hannah be nice 'cause I done knocked twice,
Let me in there black child (I always sang "darlin'") 'cause I'm cold as ice,
(D7) Something new---I smell chicken stew,
Oh Hannah, I love only you!


(C)Hannah, Hannah,
Hannah, won't you open that door,
(F) Hannah, Hannah, won't you change your manner,
This is (D7) old Bill Johnson -- don't you love me no more?
(C)I plead 'cause I need,
That place behind the stove I used to have before,
(F)Hannah (knock, knock, knock, knock) (C) Hannah (knock, knock, knock, knock)
Why the devil don't you open (G7) that (C)door.

Let me in please, honest I'll freeze,
I'll catch the grip--I just started to sneeze,
Put off that rhyme 'cause it sure is a crime,
You singin' that song about "The Old Summertime",
Frost bitten feet---my nose is like a beet,
Let me in there, Hannah, 'cause I need some heat,
I love you still -- and I always will,
Hannah, Hannah, this is BILL.

Art Thieme