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Posted By: Songster Bob
11-Jul-00 - 04:43 PM
Thread Name: Chris Bouchillon - Talking Blues
Subject: RE: Chris Bouchillon - Talking Blues
"I Guess" asked if the talking blues form all used the same chord progressions. The answer is yes and no. There seem to have been two common progressions, the I/IV/V and the "Circle of fifths." Art quoted the words and chords to "Hannah," which is not a talking blues (thanks for the reminder, Art, I always liked that song, but never learned it). He also quoted some of "Born in Hard Luck," which IS a talking blues, but which uses the circle of fifths (e.g., C/A7/D7/G7/C). The "original talking blues" format is the one Woody used for so many of his (Talking Columbia, etc.), and it's the I/IV/V (e.g., G/C/D) pattern. I've heard recitatives related to talking blues that use other progressions ("Alice's Restaurant" comes to mind), but the most common progression by far is the "original talking blues" pattern.

For one more example, look up my own "Walking Folk Musician Purist Snob Blues" in Digitrad. It uses the G/C/D pattern throughout.

Bob Clayton