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Posted By: judy
11-Apr-98 - 02:27 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Them Toad Suckers (Mason Williams)
Subject: RE: LYR REQ: Them Toad Suckers
Darn! Typed a reply and it vanished into the ether.

Mountain dog and Bill D,

Thanks for the verses. I love the "moose goosers". What a hoot! Bill, I'd be gratefull if you have the time (and I know how that is) to type up the intros to the other verses and the verses themselves.

I went to Mason Williams' site and saw he's got quite a few. He has requested people to suggest what they'd like to see on the site. I'll email him a request for all of Them Poems and post them here if I get a reply. I see he's on Eugene freenet. Yeay for freenets, you all should look into them. My connection only costs $40 per year.

Or is there anyone else out there who knows some? Or any homemade verses? I just LOVE them poems!!

enjoy! judy