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Posted By: bubblyrat
08-Feb-09 - 12:38 PM
Thread Name: carol thatcher death threats
Subject: RE: carol thatcher death threats
Just around the corner from my house is a famous (at least,I think it is ) "Teddy Bear " shop.In the window,on prominent display are LOTS and LOTS of GOLLIWOGS. Big ones---Little ones ----Expensive ones --Cheap ones ----they even have their own newspaper, "The Golliwog Times " !! So---where are the protesters in Henley-on Thames ?? The riots ?? The petrol-bombs ?? The legions of Political Thought Police?? The enforcers of Political Correctness ??The Apologists ?? The Bleeding Heart Liberals ??
            I mean, if you REALLY and HONESTLY feel that bad about a word that,as a child, I grew up with,for God's sake,why don't you actually DO SOMETHING about it ?? Come to Henley !! Burn the shop !! Kill the family who run this gentle little business !!Kill Carole Thatcher !! Kill anyone who asks for a "Black " coffee, or gives someone a "Black" look. Go on-----put your money where your mouth is !!