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Posted By: Bernard
11-Feb-09 - 09:20 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Pendle, oh Pendle / Old Pendle
Subject: RE: Origins: Pendle, oh Pendle / Old Pendle
A correction... the tune was actually written by Ted Edwards (the original song was 'Come Back Love'), and Brian collected the poem, added a verse and put it to Ted's tune. Somewhere along the line confusion set in, and Brian was credited with actually writing the tune.

Ted's PC is currently at my house for repair, so I may be able to check it for more details this evening - but it also means he is temporarily unable to read his email.

Ted isn't particularly interested in chasing this matter, particularly as his namesake Brian is no longer with us (Ted's name is really Brian), but some of his close friends (of whom I am one) would simply prefer to see the record set straight, purely as a historical matter.

If you happen to be near Lymm, Cheshire this evening, Ted will be at the Saracen's Head, Warburton, for Songs in the Snug... ask him yourself. Unfortunately on this occasion

Consider... Brian Osborne (who I also knew and had buckets of respect for) and Brian 'Ted' Edwards... a reputation as a prolific lyricist and tunesmith?

No, I do not wish to 'knock' Brian Osborne's memory, and I am well aware that somehow he ended up with copyright accreditation on the tune. This has more to do with the way copyright used to 'happen' to folk music in the 1960s than any deliberate attempt on Brian's part to actually deceive.

I also believe that Alan Bell, who set up the copyright (or so it seems) may have misunderstood the situation, and no-one did anything to correct it at the time. 'Putting the tune to' a song doesn't necessarily mean you wrote the tune, but I believe that's how an innocent mistake was made.

As I said, copyright was more of a happening at the time, and the rules are much stricter these days.