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Posted By: s&r
11-Feb-09 - 06:35 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Pendle, oh Pendle / Old Pendle
Subject: RE: Origins: Pendle, oh Pendle / Old Pendle
Bernard - the tune is claimed (sincerely) by Ted Edwards and also (sincerely) by Brian Osborne.

This stays sadly unresolved. Brian wrote the witches verse, and the tune used in the Taverners' Songbook. He added the verse to a song which he came upon as a poem. He later discovered the Author, who told him that it had been a song, but said that he was very pleased to hear Brian's version, and was pleased for him to use it.

I had some correspondence with Ted who sent the tune he wrote. Virtually the same. No reliable dating in either case of first writing.

Assuming that Brian and Ted are honorable men, the possibilities are: 1. Both had it in the back of their minds from a common original source
2. Brian heard it from Ted's writing and used it unknowingly
3. Ted heard it from Brian's writing and used it unknowingly

This was the topic of an extensive thread some years ago. It was unresolved then and looks like staying that way