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Thread Name: Index: Soldier Songbooks PermaThread
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1967, Edited by C. H. Ward-Jackson & Leighton Lucas
William Blackwood & Sons Ltd. Edinburgh
Two hundred songs, 50 with score and most others with citation of tune.

Songs Before the First World War
The Bold Aviator, or, the Dying Airman 2

Songs from 1914 to the Armistice in 1918
Recruiting Song of the Royal Flying Corps (i) 8
Ragtime Flying Corps 9
Mountains of Mourne 11
The Air-Crew's Wish 12
Recruiting Song of the Royal Flying Corps (ii) 12
What Do You Want? 13
When This Ruddy War Is Over 13
Pilot's Psalm 14
Who Killed Cock Robin? 14
Three Squadron 15
We Haven't Seen the Sergeant 15
Back Seat Ballad 16
Napoo-Fini! 16
Fred Karno's Air Corps 17
Airmen's Opening Chorus 18
Airman's Ten Commandments 19
Air Mechanics Moan 19
R. F. C. Toast 20
I Don't Want to Join the Air Force 21
Capital Bus for a Crowd Like Us 22
R. A. F. Trooping Song- Bless 'Em All 23
Only Way 25
Song of the Hun 26
This is the Flying Corps 26
Looping the Loop 27
R. F. C. Alliterations 28
Hurrah for the Bounding Air 29
Stormy the Night 30
Pushing 31
I Want a G-nôme 32
Excelsior Up to Date 33
When the Dawn Patrol Sets Out 34
Birdman 34
Wreck of the Old F. E. 35
They Called Them RAF 2Cs 37
Ragtime Aircraft Builders 38
Ode to the R. A. F. Engine 40
Another Thousand Revs 41
Song of the Camel Pilot 43
Last Lay of the Sopwith Camel Pilot 44
Ten Little Albatri 44
There Were Three Huns 45
Hush-a-Bye Baby 46
You're only a P. B. O. 47
Up in a Sop 47
Syncopated Fire Control 48
In Other Words 49
Omer Drome 50
My Old Yellow Jacket 55
I Left the Mess Room Early 57
So Early in the Morning 60
Two Hunnische Airmen 61
Heaven or Hell 62
Over the Lines 64
Every Little While 64
Wings of an Avro 65
Another Undercarriage Wouldn't Do Us Any Harm 66
My Motter 67
We Haven't Got a Hope in the Morning 68
I Want to Go to Essen 69
If You Want to Remain Inside 69
100 Squadron Lament 70
Sing a Song of Aircraft 72
Song of 54 Squadron 73
Which He'll Never Do No More 74
Bettencourt 77
New Toast 77
Now I'm a General at the Ministry 82
The Yarn of "Twenty-Two" 83
Poor Old Pilot 85
Squadron Toast 86

Songs of the "Peace" Years 1918-1939
Song of 55 Squadron 88
Twenty-four Squadron Song 89
Just a Little Oil 89
An Old-Fashioned Bristol 90
In the Middle of Salisbury Plain-O 90
Hold Your Row 92
Those Shaibah Blues 94
The "Peace" of Waziristan 95
Now I'm an AC/3 96
A. O. C.'s Inspection 96
Officers of "A" Flight 97
Flying Training 98
Song of the Cadet 99
Ballad of Sulaiman 101
On a Two-Five-Two 104
A. C.2's Are Common 106
Avro and the Song 107
Fitter's Song 108
Song of the Shirt 113
Shire, Shire, Somersetshire 114
Three Songlets 117
Just Three More Days to Go 117
Rigger's Song 118
Far Away 121
Coppersmith's Song 123
Maiden Young and Fair 126
Forced Landing 127
M. T. Driver's Song 128
Song to Newcomers to Iraq 129
That Old-Fashioned Avro of Mine 130
A Song of Forty-Three 131
The Airman's Prayer 133

Songs of the Second World War
Bless 'Em All 136
Ir's Just the Air Force Way 137
Old Annie 138
Oh! Mary, This WAAF 139
Beside an Essex Waterfall 140
If I Only Had Wings 143
Firth of Flaming Forth 144
The Lindholme Buoy 146
In the Women's Auxilliary Air Force 147
Kiss the Boys Good-Bye 148
Ops in a Wimpey 149
Ops in a Whitley 150
Old-Fashioned Wimpey 152
Thanks for the Memory 153
Orbitting the Beacon 153
Heinkel Come Back to Me 154
Fragment of Advice 155
Hudson Song 155
One for the Tiger 157
Service of Thanksgiving for Safe Arrival in Iraq 157
On the Move 162
I Love to Fly a Whitley Three 164
Erk's Lament 164
My A. C. W.2 165
Plotter's Lament 166
Bloody Hell 167
Practice-Flapping 168
The Nissen Hut's Foundation 169
Song of the Gremlins 170
Fortress Song (i) 171
Gas, Gas, Gas 172
Fortress Song (ii) 173
We Are the Air-Sea Rescue 174
Rows and Rows and Rows 175
She's a Swell Dame 177
Balloonatics' Song 178
A Lib Leaving Malta for Gib 179
Tales of Kairouan 180
Heavy Bombers 182
Western Desert Madness 183
Malta Song 184
Song of 51 Maintenance Unit 187
Benghazi Mail Run 191
Servicing Song 193
As You Bed Your Balloon in the Morning 195
You've Had It 197
Service Police Song 198
So Here I Work 199
There's No A. M. O. About Love 201
Mrs. Mobile 202
Fifty-One Squadron 203
Wids' Song 204
A 218-Squadron Song 205
Bring Back My Bomber and Me 207
The Fitter, the Rigger, the Mech 208
Once There Was a Naafi Girl 209
Song of 59 Squadron 211
Everybody's Crackers on P. T. 212
Flight Mechanics Song 213
It's Laid Down 214
You'll Never Go to Heaven 216
Ten Little Pilot Boys 217
We Are the A. T. C. 218
He Had to Go and Prang 'Er in the Hanger 219
He Had to Go and Prang 'Er in the Hanger (2nd version) 221
To "Lili Marlene" 222
The Guinea Pigs' Song 222
The Stately 'Dromes of England 223
Hymn to Airmen 225
Africa Star 225
What Shall We Do With a Ropey Squadron? 228
I Want To Go Home 231
The Gallant Sixty-Two 232
D-Day Dodgers 234

Songs of the Parachute Regiment
Sheehan is Believing 235
I'm Dreaming of a Soft Landing 237
You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to 237
The Man on the Flying Trapeze 237
Jumping Through the Hole 238
He Ain't Gonna Jump No More 240
Oh Mary This Tatton 241
Bless 'Em All 241
Song of the Paratrooper 241
The Merry Month of May 242
You Don't Have to Push 244
Passing Thoughts 244
Sit by My Side if You Love Me 244
Men of Hardwick 245

Songs of the Post-War Years 1945-1967
Thanks for the Memory (2nd version) 248
Glory, Flying Regulations 249
Ground Crew 251
The Rockape's Dilemma 253
A. C. Soap 254
Sabre Song 257
Song of the Two Sad Flight Sergeants ("The Gan Song") 258