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Posted By: Tinker
12-Feb-09 - 06:58 PM
Thread Name: Jerry Rasmussen's new book
Subject: RE: Jerry Rasmussen's new book
Jerry, I found this prayer yesterday and after seeing your celebration of The Gate of the Beautiful .. well I realized how often your singing and songwriting has served as a gate for me, and for others.

Thanks for being one of the truth tellers...


O God, help stand with the living Christ at the gates of hope. Not the prudent gates of optimism, which are somewhat narrower; nor the strident gates of self-righteousness, which creak on shrill and angry hinges; but a very different, sometimes very lonely place. It is the place of truth-telling, about our own souls first of all and its condition; the place of resistance and defiance, the piece of ground from which we see the world both as it is and as it could be, as it will be; the place from which we glimpse not only struggle, but joy in the struggle – with the Christ who sets us free; and we stand there, beckoning and calling, telling people what we see, asking people what they see....

- Adapted from a prayer by Victoria Safford