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Posted By: Ron Davies
13-Feb-09 - 10:24 PM
Thread Name: Which has been the best decade for music
Subject: RE: Which has been the best decade for music
This way lies madness.

No possible way to pick out the best decade for music in general.   I'd hate to do without Mozart completely--especially, as Peter T notes, the Requiem and Zauberfloete. (But also huge numbers of his symphonies and piano concerti--all concerti but one were written before 1790, as were all of the symphonies.

And Beethoven's symphonies 1 through 6 (my favorite, the Pastoral) were all written 1800-1810, as were all his piano concerti, the violin concerto etc.

And Schubert didn't really get going until after 1810.

Brahms, Mendelssohn, Verdi, Dvorak. Etc. Etc.

No one decade.

Now as far as popular music, it's far easier--though still not obvious. It has to be either the 30's or the 40's.   Again, I'd hate to do without Gershwin, (died 1937, I believe), but the incredible wealth of wonderful song that came out in the war years is just staggering.

Neither of them my teenage years, for sure.

Nothing in rock music can ever touch the wit, warmth, sophistication, and general high quality of the 30's and 40's. Maybe it's something about the crises the world was going through--Depression and World War II--that called out the absolute best in popular composers and lyricists.

If you want to discuss just rock music, then obviously the 60's has to be it--with the incredible ferment of different styles--and great examples of each one.

After the 60's a gradual, then a steep decline. How low can it go?

As Jerry Rasmussen noted on another thread, supposedly the top song now is "My World Would Suck Without You"