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Posted By: black walnut
15-Feb-09 - 11:21 AM
Thread Name: Do migraines affect your music-making?
Subject: RE: Do migraines affect your music-making?
That Migracap looks pretty....interesting!

I sometimes use a gel cap from the freezer wrapped in a teatowel, and I have a fabric double eye patch thingy - both very reasonably priced, but sometimes even the tiniest pressure of these is too much. I don't think there's one good solution for every person or every migraine.

I used to write a lot of poetry with a medium migraine, stuck in bed with my laptop in the dark. But raarely do tunes come along, and fewer of late.

Performing and teaching is difficult - as I said, it's not always so much the show or the teaching itself, depending on the severity - but it is the setting up and taking down and schlepping of instruments and talking to people. Those things are darned near impossible.