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Posted By: catspaw49
13-Jul-00 - 09:32 AM
Thread Name: nostalgia...Pogo does F.J. Child
Subject: RE: nostalgia...Pogo does F.J. Child
I think you're shavin' a few years there luv!!! But I read Pogo religiously from an early age. First I suppose because it had animals and all, but like the many wonderful cartoons it inspired, Pogo was an adult political cartoon that also had a young audience. Shoe, Bloom County, even Rocky and Bullwinkle (although R&B is more moronic-still love it) all owe a debt to the genius of Walt Kelly.

It strikes me that there are many fans among us here. It also makes me wonder at the genius of a man who was able to shape lives and opinions of young children in such a gentle way. When I consider it, I realize that many of my basic beliefs came not from anywhere but the swamp; from the rantings of Howland, the strength and equality of Miz Beaver, the quest for understanding of poor Churchy, the creative loafing of Albert, and the gentle, often sorrowful, sometimes piercing, insights of a small possum.

Think about it. Many of us were not simply raised on Walt Kelly, we were reared by him!