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Posted By: Willie-O
13-Jul-00 - 10:51 AM
Thread Name: Rick's Old Lowden Rocks
Subject: RE: Rick's Old Lowden Rocks
Oh, OK. That's alright, I already told half a dozen of the biggest gossips in Lanark County, although I included qualifiers which they will have I will probably never be able to squelch this story.

Deep down I knew you were setting me up, I was thinking, maybe Klaus Voorman? (Maybe Eric Clapton?) Had fun envisioning the circumstances under which this encounter might have taken place though--maybe Sir Paul has an anonymous rockabilly bar band you ran into, or his people called the Twelfth Fret looking for a Lowden Paul could borrow in town...?

So I got our mutual guitar on the bench, pulled and reglued the pickguard, it turned out the rattling in the peghead was just loose face nuts on the machine, and I'm about to slap a set of Martin Marquis Lights on it and get ready for tomorrow. Restrung the Martin too and now I feel like playing it again! Mandola next. Aside from this I will get no work done today and I have spent the gig profit already on strings & capo, so I guess I better get some more gigs. (Especially since I priced out the Fishman Rare Earth. And not least because I owe ya money Fielding.)